Friday, January 21, 2011

What happens when we never feel done?

Continuing the thread from the last two posts, I think it's worth looking again at what happens when we are in a "chronic state of incompletion." We are so programmed (stored in our left brain) to always move onto the next thing, that it takes conscious awareness (from the right brain) to break the habit Here's some motivation...

When we don't pause in between tasks, and acknowledge what we've just completed, or really feel "done" at the end of each day (and especially at the end of a week), this is what happens: 
  • Our nervous system stays in a perpetual state of incompletion - it's like always leaving the switch in the "on"position
  •  It becomes harder to turn the switch "off" when we want or need down time 
  • We feel like there's "never enough time to get it all done" which causes stress
  • Stress releases excess cortisol
  • Excess cortisol compromises our immune function
  • Cortisol influences hormones and can cause cellular inflammation (now that's motivating!)
We need to practice being "done" each day to train our nrevous system to recognize how to "switch off" and take down time for rest, play, and rejevenation.

Knowing there will always be more to do, try really feeling done today, and enjoy your weekend.

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  1. I'm going to start by trying to feel done today. That does sound like a good feeling. Even if I just say it I think it will help. Thanks, Chris