Friday, January 14, 2011

Reminder Tips: Stop the Cycle of Incompletion

Here's a quick reminder on "Stopping the Chronic State of Incompletion."  (see last entry).

My left brain is so used to moving onto the next task, that I thought we  could all use a brush up:

1) Remind yourself you've already done a lot

2) Pause in between tasks and acknowledge what you just completed

3) Take stock of what you completed in 2010 and at the end of each day/week

4) At the end of the day and especially at the end of the week, tell yourself:

"All is complete."  And FEEL it all the way down to your core.  Relax into it.  Practice this until you can access that feeling easily.

5) Celebrate your accomplishments - every day in little ways.  Pat yourself on the back, make a toast with a special beverage, light a candle, tell a friend.

And, especially important: tap into the universal 7 day cycle each week and take that break from the everyday demands of phone, email, lists, appointment, etc. 

REST, PLAY, LAUGH, EXERCISE, GET OUTSIDE, CONNECT WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY.  You'll be amazed at how much better your life will feel.

Happy Friday.

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