Friday, September 17, 2010

If I Quiet My Mind, Will I Get Anything Done?

In the last entry, I talked about the inner chatter of the left brain.  It may be helpful to know that this inner chatter has developed over time as a means to "keep us going."  We use mental prompts to take action, we use fear and anxiety provoking thoughts to drive us forward, or hold us back.

As we practice quieting our left brain in order to access the power of the right brain, the left brain may feel threatened.  After all, it's been running the show for quite a while.  It may say things like:

"If you quiet me, you won't get anything done..." or...
"You need me to keep you on task..." or...
"If I quiet my mind, will I know what to say, or do? Will I be able to perform, keep up, be brilliant!"

The truth is, brilliance comes from the right brain (soul), and your left brain (ego) knows that.  So the left brain might be feeling a little insecure with your attempts to quiet it and be guided by the right brain.  

As weird as it seems, it's like there are 2 of us - our ego (which is expressed through the left brain), and our soul (which is expressed through the right brain).

Reassure your left brain that you're on the same team. That you both want the same thing.  Let it know you still need it, and that you value its expertise.  We need our left brain's skills to carry out the guidance from the right brain.

Remember, a calm mind is an effective mind.  
A quiet mind is an intelligent mind. 

You'll still get a lot fact, you'll probably get more done.  And it's a lot more fun from your higher mind, rather than from fear, anxiety and comparing and competing.

Keep practicing!  It's worth it.