Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Chronic State of Incompletion

How many of us do this: when we finish something, we immediately look ahead to the next thingWe all have this habit to some degree.  It's cultural.  It's our automatic response (left brain).

If we don’t pause, and really savor completing something – down in our core our nervous system stays in a perpetual state of incompletion.
Our body then still thinks there’s more to do, and this feeds the “never enough time to get it all done” feeling.

When we're rushing around to get it all done, our system stays in a state of "chronic stress."  And, according to Dr. Christine Northrop and many leading doctors, this impacts our immune, hormones and cellular inflammation, and even our thyroid.

The Antidote
  • Remind yourself that you’ve already done a lot
  • This sets a signal of internal rest and relaxation
  • Sends a message to your brain and body of self-esteem and personal power
Change your Relationship to Time (shift from left to right brain perception)

Life has sped up exponentially in the past 100 years.  We process more bits of information in 1 day than our grandparents did in a year! 

Taking stock of what you’ve already done shifts your relationship to time.

  • Realize that 1 way or another, you always have time to get done the things that absolutely have to get done
  • This start a loop of positive reinforcement that makes you feel like you have more control of your life.  
 If you perceive that there is always enough time, there will be. 

And that's the nature of the right brain.  

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  1. Just reading that makes me feel better as I look at my desk piled high with yet to accomplish tasks! You should make a youtube video that we can watch before starting our day to give us your wonderful perspective.