Friday, June 25, 2010

Starting to play with the shift

I made the following notes in my journal in the first week of the experiment:

May 27:
I  was having a really intense sinus reaction to something - a cold? allergies?  My left brain wanted to name the problem, to figure out what it was, why it was there, and how I can make it go away.  Wanting answers!  Wanting relief! (as we all do with any physical discomfort).

So, one of my wise colleagues (Rachel Neumann), encouraged me to "NOT name it."  To be in the unknown (switch my focus from the left brain to the right brain).  

The right brain is the home of the unknown.  To live there can feel awkward and uncomfortable at first.  So, I sat for a few minutes and just noticed my breath, and imagined myself "releasing" all explanations and thoughts about my symptomsI simply noticed them from a quiet, observing place (the right brain).

I stayed in a place of "open receptivity" (also the home of the right brain) by simply observing instead of identifying with the symptoms.  My symptoms almost immediately dispersed, and were completely gone within 24 hours.

Try it for yourself!

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