Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Horse (left brain) and Rider (right brain)

June 30, 2010

I woke up this morning with thoughts running through my head…so much to do, and the list is growing longer. Then I remembered that this is my left brain trying to cope, to control, and to “be in charge.”  This is what you want to watch out for. 

Whenever the mind is engaging in an “internal dialogue” that is not connected to a specific decision or action (in this case it was one thing after another…a rambling list with no clear direction or focus), then this is what can be called an “ego-based conversation.”

When you notice this kind of conversation (ie: “usually fueled by I should, I need to, I can’t, I’m afraid to, how can I do all of this”, etc), then remember that this is the left brain trying to “lead the horse.”  What we want is the right brain (higher mind) to be the rider, and the left brain is the horse.  In other words, the right brain sources and directs the left brain.  Direction or insight from right brain can be considered a “soul-based” conversation.

What to do?  Simply practice becoming aware of the left brain conversation in your mind.  Then intend to shift your awareness to the observer, the quiet, still place that is beyond that list, beyond that voice.  It is connected to a larger picture – it feels expansive, connected and at peace.  It’s always there, you simply need to intend to focus on it, even if you don’t know how yet. 

Practicing this will “build your muscle” for becoming a master of shifting platforms from the left brain to the right brain, and back again for taking specific, directed action.

Check back – I’ll be going into this in more detail in upcoming posts.

Action: Today, practice being aware of your left brain inner conversation (ego based) and right brain inner conversation (soul based).  Just notice and play with it.  The more you practice, the easier it will become to make the shift moment to moment – even in demanding situations. 

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