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Part 2: Detoxing Our Bodies and Minds - A Journey of The Soul

Several of you have asked me recently how I'm doing since the publication of the first Detox Article (aka: "that crazy rash").  In response, I decided to post a work in progress... Part 2 of a four part article series:

Part 2: Detoxing Our Bodies and Minds - A Journey of The Soul 

As I was wrapping up Part 1 of “Detoxing Body and Mind – A Journey of the Soul,” I asked a good friend and colleague to give it a final read through.  Among her feedback was a comment that stuck with me.  “You lost me when you got to the part about our bodies evolving.”  Here is the passage she is referring to:

In the bigger picture, why does it seem that so many more of us are reacting to foods and environments?  Yes, there are more toxins in our environment than ever before, but my experience has led me to understand that there is more to the story.  I believe that our bodies are changing.  Some would even say evolving. 

In this time of breakdown, we are also at the dawning of expanded human consciousness.  This expansion requires a vessel that can handle more “wattage” (light or energy).  As challenging as it can be at times, detoxing on all levels allows us to grow and strengthen so that we can live into our soul’s potential and destiny.  I feel like I’m a phoenix rising from the flames, transforming so completely that I may be wonderfully unrecognizable on the other side of this amazing journey. 

Perhaps now is the time to expand on this notion that “our bodies are evolving.”  Before we go there, an update on the rash and my detox process might be helpful.

I am happy to report that the move to my new home has allowed me to clear my reactions to environmental toxins (mold, carpeting, lead, etc.).  That’s good news.  The mystery, however, is that I am still reacting to foods.  

In Part 1 of the article, I refer to “the rain barrel spilling over.”  That was at the heart of why I began reacting to foods…the rain barrel was full.  Now that the rain barrel is no longer full, why am I still reacting to foods?  The million dollar question…

In search of an answer, I took a blood test that revealed around 50 foods that I was reacting to.  For foods that showed a “moderate” reaction, it was recommended that those foods be eliminated for three months.  For foods that showed a “severe” reaction, six months of elimination was recommended.  I began eliminating those foods, as well as doing a diet rotation that prevented me from eating the same foods within two days.

For example, if I had rice on Tuesday, I wouldn’t eat rice again until Friday.  For many people with food sensitivities, rotating foods is key to reducing sensitivity.  But after a month of no relief, I learned that there are practically an infinite number of ways to rotate your diet, and the trick is to figure out which type of rotation is best for your body’s healing.  I used Kinesiology (muscle testing) to fine tune the rotation and determine which type my body wanted.
In order to keep track of what I ate when, I created a chart to track everything I ate.  It took a great deal of focus and energy to sustain it, but I was determined.  My family suffered through my seemingly endless obsession with what I put in my mouth.  

I became fixated on food as though it was my enemy or my god, depending on the day.  I got allergy free cookbooks, and lived for the treat that was “ok” for me to eat.  I could rarely eat out, and when I did, I became annoyed and frustrated with servers who didn’t get my obscure requests right.  

Finally, my husband called me on it.  He was right.  I was out of balance.  Fear was driving me.  I was afraid of the rash and I was afraid of food.  As you can imagine, I wasn’t very much fun either.  I made a decision that day to shift my focus.
I continued avoiding certain foods, but I decided it wasn’t going to run my life anymore.  I focused on having fun, lightening up, and letting go of control.  This was a huge turning point.  

I would play with my thoughts, “So what if I have a rash? Maybe that’s exactly what my body needs to do.”  When I looked in the mirror, instead of focusing on how bad the rash looked, I’d say, “Hello, beautiful!”  I stopped talking about it and wondering what people thought when they looked at me.

I accepted it.  I even thanked it.  I loved myself more deeply – even with the rash.  I paid attention to every negative thought that passed through my mind and changed it to a loving thought.  I used EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to clear my worry, fear, frustration and anger.  The rash became my greatest teacher.
As I let go of the fear and worry, I still needed to take action to support my body healing.  It was a balancing act of, “How do I let go of outcome (the rash going away), yet still take action toward what it is I want (health and well-being)?”  

The challenge of setting intention, taking right action AND letting go of outcome has always seemed like a paradox to me.  How do I envision what I want and yet not become attached to whether I actually get it or not?  I think it’s a life-long practice that reveals its magic as we go.

One of the most difficult parts about letting go was feeling close to an answer, and then the disappointment that followed when it didn’t resolve the symptoms.  The roller coaster can be exhausting when we’re attached to fixing and not in a place of loving acceptance of what is.  

Acceptance, however, doesn’t mean giving up or falling into hopelessness.  Many people with chronic conditions can attest to how tricky this dance can be.  We learn to get up, dust ourselves off, and take the next step.
In the past, I leaned heavily on practitioners and doctors to tell me what that next step was.  I figured they knew best.  When I was so overwhelmed by the symptoms that I couldn't think straight, it was a good idea to let them steer me.  The tricky part was knowing when trusting a treatment plan had crossed over into a loss of trusting my inner compass.

I experienced yet another turning point where I stopped looking solely to the experts, and really began to trust my own inner guidance.  Of course, I had always checked in with myself to make sure their recommendations felt right, or to decide who I should go see next.  But I’m talking about really taking the helm.  

I now feel I’m in the driver’s seat, and that is hugely empowering.  The truth is, we possess the answers to even the most challenging experiences.  The real challenge is to be able to hear those answers.

In Part 3 of this article series, I’ll share an inner inquiry where my body communicated with me information about the rash on a cellular level and how my brain was going through a complete transformation.

And, in Part 4, I’ll finally circle back to how this all relates to the question of “our bodies evolving” and this controversial business of expanded consciousness.  Sounds like fun to me!  See you then…

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  1. I thank you for being so honest and forthcoming. I have felt that I am in Food Prison. It is so important to see what is good about the situation and embrace the gifts it is bringing instead of focusing on "what I cannot have". I know that by giving this attention, it will grow. That is the gifts and blessings!!!